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OM zrI gaNEzAya namaH|

zrutismRtipurANAnAm AlayaM karuNAlayam|
namAmi bhagavatpAdaM zaGkaraM lOkazaGkaram||

sadAzivasamArambhAM zaGkarAcAryamadhyamAm|
asmadAcAryaparyantAM vandE guruparamparAm||

stOtrasaMhitA is a wiki of stotrams and namavalis, displayed in many Indian scripts.

The great rishis and saints of bhAratadEzam have left us a treasure trove of excellent stotras. There have been many wonderful books publishing these, such as the mantrapuSpam (from Sri Ramakrisha Mutt) and bRhatstOtraratnAkaram, to name a few. A vast majority of these stotras are in saMskRtam, and one needs to be able to read dEvanAgarI lipi, to be able to recite these stotras. However, with a multitude of languages and scripts in our country, many people are more comfortable with their own mother tongue.

Translipi is an extremely useful tool to facilitate the display of saMskRtam texts in various Indian scripts. Presently, it supports, dEvanAgarI, diacritical roman, kannaDa, malayALam, tamizh and telugu. Many thanks to Shri. Srikanth Subramanian for sharing this wonderful tool. Sahityam, also managed by Shri. Srikanth is indeed one of the inspirations for this site. (To change the display script, please use the drop-down box in the left navigation panel.)

The wiki format enables anyone to contribute to this collection of stotras (and facilitate wider proof-reading). If you would wish to contribute, please send us an e-mail at Email.png.

Another important aspect of this site is that it makes accessible works such as Tiruppavai to the non-Tamil speaking/reading public. I similarly hope that some special stotrams from other languages can be accessible, transcending language barriers.

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