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The intention of this wiki is to provide easy access to different stotras (in a script of the user's choice). Currently, there are only a few stotras/namavalis. In the long run, with God's grace, we hope it develops into an encyclopaedia for stotras, namavalis and puja vidhanams :) -- with the significance/translations and brief commentaries. Being a wiki, it also provides a collaborative platform to edit (proof-read and correct) stotras.

I believe that another important aspect of this site is that it makes accessible works such as Tiruppavai to the non-Tamil speaking/reading public. I similarly hope that some special stotrams from other languages can be accessible, transcending language barriers. There are many better resources on the web for sanskrit stotras, such as; I just hope that this site fills in a small gap left by some of the other sites --- that of transliterating stotras into different scripts.



See also the preface for the PDF book.

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